About us

New country, new friends, defining experiences and memories to last a lifetime. This great adventure has a downside as well, searching for a place to live, settling into a new culture, finding your bearings in a new place all pose considerable challenges.

ISS Budapest is here to help you handle all aspects of your stay in Hungary!

The goal of this site is to help You (students) in searching for the right apartments in Budapest, or the ideal roommate and make friends for a lifetime. We will use our expertise to ensure that you make the most of your stay in Budapest in every sense. We hope our dedication will guarantee that you will consider Budapest your second home.

Why are we doing this?

During our own travels and study abroad experiences we have often dealt with challenges similar to what you are about to face. To this day we are grateful to the friends that helped us through the period of adjustment. We would like to provide similar guidance to the students coming to our country, so that they may leave with the best possible memories and carry Hungary’s good reputation wherever they go.

Our goal is to keep student interests in mind and provide all relevant services and information in one comprehensive website, making adjustment to life in Budapest smoother.

Why choose Us?

  • Our constantly updated database allows you to search among hundreds of Budapest apartment ads, and search for the roommate you best match with. After a quick and simple registration you may begin your search!
  • You can also count on us if you are looking to rent out your room or apartment. Register now and provide the parameters of the apartment, or room and your ad becomes instantly active!
  • Using MyGuide allows you to simplify your search in unique ways. Set your individual preferences and let MyGuide do the searching for you, tracking the ads 24 hrs a day. Whether you are looking for a room/apartment to rent or a roommate, MyGuide will ensure you don’t miss anything.
  • We thought of everything! Whether it is opening a bank account, handling administrative tasks, cleaning services, language lessons… etc we are here at your service! We have developed Our Services to ensure you find all you need in one place enabling you to have a smooth move and spare a great deal of time.
  • Budapest is more than tourist attractions and the highlights of the tourist books. We will show you the hidden face and treasures of this wonderful city. Get updates on the hottest parties, must see shows, travel opportunities and other programs from our site!
  • Finally, to make your adjustment to everyday life in Budapest easier, we have collected all sorts of relevant information for you on Budapest life. If you want to know when and what amount of tip to leave, what to know about transportation, or just want to read some fun facts about our country, take a look at the Useful Information section!

Register on our page, browse our ads and discover Budapest!

The ISS Budapest team wishes you success in your search and an eventful stay in Budapest!

Recommended ads


Flat for rent at balzac utca

District XIII., Budapest

35 m2

100 Ft (350 €)

Flat for rent at Ráday

District IX., Budapest

80 m2

240000 Ft (750 €)

Flat for rent at Szél

District III., Budapest

33 m2

120000 Ft (375 €)

Flat for rent at Kiss József

District VIII., Budapest

35 m2

140000 Ft (435 €)

Flat for rent at Futó

District VIII., Budapest

55 m2

180000 Ft (560 €)

Flat for rent at Balzac

District XIII., Budapest

64 m2

190000 Ft (600 €)

Flat for rent at Széchenyi utca

District V., Budapest

71 m2

349000 Ft (1090 €)

Flat for rent at Belgrad rakpart

District V., Budapest

70 m2

290000 Ft (900 €)

Flat for rent at Budafoki

District XI., Budapest

100 m2

100000 Ft (300 €)