Workaholics vs. Alcoholics



International Club Tour Budapest, Loop & Ötkert presents: 

Another Holiday, anothere unique date...
MayDay MayDay - April 30. Wednesday
Workaholics vs. Alcoholics - Holiday Madness!

"International Workers' Day is a celebration of the international labour movement that occurs on May Day, May 1, a traditional Spring holiday in much of Europe. May 1 is a national holiday in more than 80 countries, and celebrated unofficially in many other countries."

Our interpretation: Workaholics vs Alcoholics!
Soon the exams are starting and the study madness will begin, before that lets have a huge Party to get our engines started!

The party will be on Wednesday, April 30. the day after is school!
Before the Semester Closes and you need to start your studies, lets let the steam out for one wild night @ ÖTKERT...our favourite club in city center!

International Club Tour & Ötkert Dj crew: 
2 rooms 2 styles

Omid Irani.
Dj Ben Jr. 
Dj Imhouse 
Dj Orie Sella

The best RnB and House mix all night.

So after full year of studies and 2 weeks before exams start's lets meet all and show Budapest how Internationals know how to PaRtY!!

* if you wish to celebrate birthday , or any special event: contact us ( Table reservation as well ) 

Table Reservation please call us! 

Party Info:
+36 70 670 7700 (Hungarian, English)

All students are welcome:

College International, SOTE, VET, McDaniel, Pre-Med, BME, Corvinus, IBS, CEU, ELTE, Erasmus

---------S.O.S--------------May Day - May Day------------S.O.S--------------

Aprilis 30/Május 1. MayDay MayDay Mega Party az Ötkertben!
Workaholics vs Alcoholics

Mielőtt beüt a vizsgaidőszak, tomboljunk egy nagyon az idei év eredményeire!

2 terem, 2 stílus

Omid Irani
Dj Orie Sella
Dj Ben Jr. 
Dj Imhose

Fergeteges RnB és House kavalkáddal várunk titeket egy Őrült hangulatú rendhagyó szerdai partyn!

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