Trafiq Thursdays RETURN



Trafiq Thursdays RETURN!

The time has come in 2013 that we've been all waiting for!
The World didn't end...and Trafiq is back with FULL POWER!

Our base returns to its daily routine: 8pm - 4am

Next event: January 24.

Dj Revolution, Dj O'neal, Dj Ben Jr.

What is Trafiq Thursdays?


It's all of Us!

Come and join our base!
In downtown Budapest – Next to Bazilika!
A place of our own, a base where we feel young, wild and free!

+3630 464 0646
+3670 670 7700

Please mind the noise outside and in the smoking area!
We wish to have plenty of amazing Trafiq Thursdays ahead of us!

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Flat for rent at Mária Street Semmelweis Uni, Corvin metro

District VIII., Budapest

90 m2

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Flat for rent at balzac utca

District XIII., Budapest

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Flat for rent at Kiráy utca

District VII., Budapest

46 m2

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Flat for rent at Munkácsy Mihály

District VI., Budapest

75 m2

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Flat for rent at Hajós

District VI., Budapest

53 m2

170000 Ft (535 €)

Flat for rent at Bartók Béla

District XI., Budapest

75 m2

200000 Ft (650 €)

Flat for rent at Déri Miksa

District VIII., Budapest

100 m2

195 Ft (700 €)

Flat for rent at Somogyi Bela

District VII., Budapest

32 m2

125000 Ft (400 €)

Flat for rent at Síp

District VII., Budapest

58 m2

180000 Ft (590 €)