Small repairs, fix ups, odd-jobs and anything else to be done around your flat!
ISS Budapest offers reliable Maintenance, Repair and Moving services for all - it's easier with us!

Do you have a plumbing problem? Need to fix up some pictures and shelves on the wall? You have a furniture to assemble? Need boxes and some heavy duty men to move your goods? Did you lock yourself out of your flat? New postbox? Broken window? Want to repaint the bedroom? Anything else? We have a quick and easy solution for everything.

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Flat for rent at akacfa utca

District VII., Budapest

35 m2

87000 Ft (280 €)

Flat for rent at balzac utca

District XIII., Budapest

35 m2

87000 Ft (280 €)

Flat for rent at kavics u.

District II., Budapest

17 m2

77500 Ft (240 €)

Flat for rent at Garibaldi

District V., Budapest

25 m2

125 Ft (400 €)

Flat for rent at Király utca

District VII., Budapest

46 m2

145000 Ft (460 €)

Flat for rent at Stollar Béla

District V., Budapest

55 m2

63000 Ft (200 €)

Flat for rent at Liliom

District IX., Budapest

38 m2

130000 Ft (440 €)

Flat for rent at Rumbach Sebestyén Street

District VII., Budapest

31 m2

150000 Ft (485 €)

Flat for rent at Dembinszky utca

District VII., Budapest

78 m2

216000 Ft (720 €)