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Budapest has approximately 100,000 students enrolled in its higher educational institutions.

In 2006 all Hungarian higher educational institutions switched to the general European Bologna system. As a result of which all higher educational degrees obtained in Hungary’s accredited institutions are recognized, compatible and competitive in the region and internationally. The following higher educational degrees are awarded in Hungary: bachelor, master and Ph.D.

The average academic year runs from the beginning of September to the end of June with a summer break spanning from July until the end of August. There are several smaller breaks during the academic year (fall break, ski breaks, spring breaks), some of which differ by institution.

A munkaszüneti napokon az oktatás is szünetel.

Making payments, opening a bank account

Hungary’s official currency is the Forint.

Paying with Euros is becoming more widely possible, however this is more common in the restaurants and shops of tourist centers and sites and popular, or high-end brand name stores. However the rate of exchange is the least favorable in such cases, therefore we recommend that you always ask about the form of payment available in advance and the current rate of exchange!

Avoid illegal currency-exchange vendors; there are several legal and official currency exchange stations around town.

To open a bank account you will need your passport, and depending on the bank your residence card and residence permit. Some banks may charge you for opening and maintaining a bank account. Banks are closed on the weekends.


Hungary has 3 mobile service providers with relatively similar deals and rates: T-Mobile, Telenor and Vodafone.

We recommend that you choose the pay-as-you-go version at first (aka: the no contract, rechargeable card version). You make one time payments and use the cell-phone services while the funds on your account last. This is a good way to curb the expenses and explore the available rates and set your individual spending habits in the Hungarian context.

Health insurance

The European Health Insurance Card allows you to access necessary health care services. You may obtain this card in your home country free of charge allowing you to enjoy the same health services as citizens.

In case you forgot to get your EHIC back home or would like some assistance with the administrative process, please feel free to turn to us.

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