Budapest Essentials


Budapest downtown

available until the 22nd of May

International Club Tour is proud to be part of the Budapest Essentials crew - as it is our philosophy to bring you the hottest venues and events throughout the year, Budapest Essentials was an absolute must collaboration!

We have occupied the hottest spots already:

Trafiq, HelloBaby, Ötkert, Urimuri, Kiraly utca etc.

Let's enjoy it all in once for an amazing mega weekend!
International Club Tour style!

We have arranged the best price passes for our fans!


Its a 4 day long festival, and the festival's ground is the city that we all love and live: Budapest downtown

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Budapest Essentials is the essence of the city – ‘da’ Budapest substance – mixed from all the different cultural ingredients, shaken up, blended together and served in 4 days. We’ve got what the city can offer: music, nightlife, culture, tourism, gastronomy, and a little extra. 12 month of the Budapest-feeling, in 4 days: all the venues and experiences that makes this city… in one, over-the-top series, organized into one wristband. You’ve got one ticket, and you’re covered! This is a cult+music+gastro combo, and you can have it all! You can sort and select your ideal mix, your ideal 4 days. Hundreds of options in the service of your taste! All the features that make people come here, and all the features that make people who live here love it.

Live the city! Live like a local!

available until the 22nd of May, limited

Get it at the ISS Budapest office:
1061. Budapest, Kiraly u. 52.
Monday - Friday 13.00 - 15.30
drop us a mail:

Regular Tickets:
Early Bird pass: 33 euros, 28 March-22 April 
PreSale pass: 55 euros, 23 April-25 May 
BoxOffice pass: 70 euros, from 26 May

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Flat for rent at Mária Street Semmelweis Uni, Corvin metro

District VIII., Budapest

90 m2

230000 Ft (750 €)

Flat for rent at balzac utca

District XIII., Budapest

35 m2

90000 Ft (290 €)

Flat for rent at Kiráy utca

District VII., Budapest

46 m2

14000 Ft (450 €)

Flat for rent at Munkácsy Mihály

District VI., Budapest

75 m2

230000 Ft (735 €)

Flat for rent at Hajós

District VI., Budapest

53 m2

170000 Ft (535 €)

Flat for rent at Bartók Béla

District XI., Budapest

75 m2

200000 Ft (650 €)

Flat for rent at Déri Miksa

District VIII., Budapest

100 m2

195 Ft (700 €)

Flat for rent at Somogyi Bela

District VII., Budapest

32 m2

125000 Ft (400 €)

Flat for rent at Síp

District VII., Budapest

58 m2

180000 Ft (590 €)