Buyer`s agent

We are offering a fixed fee buyers agent service, which means we represent and work for the buyer, and not the seller. This offers great advantages to the buyer, as it is our interest to get them the highest return, for the lowest possible price. We offer a variety of investment solutions for a wide range of budgets throughout Budapest and other parts of Hungary.

With the current world economic situation, there has never been a better time to buy! We offer tailor made solutions not only to people looking to invest but also to foreign students. Why rent and end up paying more money to someone else, when you can buy and at the end of your studies be left with an asset worth more than when you purchased it!

We arrange everything from finding the property, to the renovation, furnishing, to the on going management, rental and maintenance when you leave Hungary! To find out more please contact us!



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If you're interested in these services and you have questions or you'd like to get more information, don't hesitate to contact our staff!

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Flat for rent at balzac utca

District XIII., Budapest

35 m2

100 Ft (350 €)

Flat for rent at Ráday

District IX., Budapest

80 m2

240000 Ft (750 €)

Flat for rent at Szél

District III., Budapest

33 m2

120000 Ft (375 €)

Flat for rent at Kiss József

District VIII., Budapest

35 m2

140000 Ft (435 €)

Flat for rent at Futó

District VIII., Budapest

55 m2

180000 Ft (560 €)

Flat for rent at Balzac

District XIII., Budapest

64 m2

190000 Ft (600 €)

Flat for rent at Széchenyi utca

District V., Budapest

71 m2

349000 Ft (1090 €)

Flat for rent at Belgrad rakpart

District V., Budapest

70 m2

290000 Ft (900 €)

Flat for rent at Budafoki

District XI., Budapest

100 m2

100000 Ft (300 €)